Allocution au Parlement européen

Speech of "Beauty of Kashmir: Preserved Past, Bruised Present - Unknown Kashmiris buried in unmarked graves"

Welcome to all in the European Parliament, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have the honour to inaugurate in the presence, among others, of Mister Ali RAZA SYED, President of the Advisory Council to the ICHR Kashmir Centre, and of the European Council of the Kashmir, the exhibition dedicated in the Kashmir which will take place all this week (from Monday to Friday), in this place in how much symbolism of the European Parliament.

The present exhibition among others " of preserved past and of bruised present ". It seems to me very difficult to approach frontally grave things, also I take the fold to speak to you about what I saw and lived in my travels in the Kashmir.

To have been, there repeatedly, I was amazed by the beauty of the landscape of the Kashmir , the big mountain ranges, by the heat of the welcome of the inhabitants, by the culinary wealth strong in variety and flavours.

I don't retain one image, but a lot of images of the Kashmir, everything is only colours, smells, magnificence's, human heat and all these smiles.

I think that to get up of ifs, a country such as the Kashmir could lean on its "internal " and " outside" wealth, which seem to me unlimited.

Our most desiderated wish would be that this week dedicated to the past and the present of the Kashmir offers to quite curious, a wonderful opportunity to go to meet this one, maybe too little known.

So these bridges are thrown between the visitors and the Kashmiris proud of their country and so that socio-political past of this country is not any more underestimated by the general public.

Good week in all ! Enjoy your time with us, with the Kashmiris and with the exhibition!

The exhibition is an opening of the word! Go on to discover more and more!

We support you, we support you in the defense of human rights!

Danielle Caron,

11 octobre 2011.